While getting to know the Saxophone students are taught using Sigurd Racher’s method for the embouchure, tone generation and sound development. This technique enables students to gain very good sounding tones in a relatively short time. Although, ‘there are no shortcuts to the places worth going’- nothing is a better recipe than everyday practice. Regarding the technique and phrasing the majority of the repertoire choices is based on the jazz literature and recordings. Getting to know the legacy of the masters such as John Coltrane or Charlie Parker pupils discover a new world of compositions and improvisation.

The youngest Piano students learn playing the instrument using Faber and Faber method an easy way which introduces them to the basics. Adding more repertoire within the time, increasing abilities, children learn to play and sing their favorite songs as well as mainstream classics. Other Piano Students may be inspired by the Bastien method showing positioning of the hands on the keyboard and getting it off the ground from there.

Recorder classes bring joy while playing by ear and gradually learning to sight read. Making music with peers is the best way to learn the skill.

All of our classes are based on interaction with fellow students or a teacher. Students are encouraged to improvise and widen their musical horizons searching for additional tunes and discovering new genres.