Choose the instrument you want to play. We offer instrumental tuition (Piano, Saxophone and Recorder). Our students learn the skill while having fun participating in music sessions, improvising, performing their favorite tunes. Whether it is about gaining a new skill or polishing already an existing one all the programs are tailored to the individual needs of every student.


There is No Percussion as yet …percussions

However, there is a possibility to add classes on demand. Whether it is a guitar or percussion, learning flamenco or Carribean rhythms we can arrange workshops for a maximum of 10 people. Feel free to discuss with us all the requirements in detail.


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Recorder classes are arranged in a group or individually.
Students play tunes learning sight reading and music theory as well as composing their own music.
Maximum group size is 10.

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Piano for beginners is a course where one can learn the basics of playing the instrument.
It consist of 10 lessons after which a student will have a solid knowledge on technique, elements of music theory, ability to play selected tunes and the base for composing their own tunes. The course is dedicated to school kids as well as adults.
There is also an opportunity to prepare for ABRSM exams. The latter course consists of 20 lessons.

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We offer a flexible program on Saxophone. The courses cover learning the basics, polishing already gained skills, scales study, playing by ear, improvising.
Depending on your requirements the packages vary from 10 – 15 classes. Maximum 2 people

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