Do you want to know where it all came from? Have you been playing an instrument but what to learn more about the notation, composers, harmony? Perhaps you are a producer who wants to get their hands on composition and arrangement?

scoresInstrumental Tuition

Offering Piano, Saxophone and Recorder tuition to students of all ages. Whether it is a leisure or exam preparation we will help you getting to the place you want to be with your music. We will guide you through the process of learning as well as incorporate new exercises to your daily routine.
The courses usually consist of 10 lessons after which a student have a solid knowledge on technique, elements of music theory, ability to play selected tunes and the base for composing their own tunes. The courses are dedicated to school kids as well as adults.
ABRSM exams preparation.

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Music for kids1Music for Kids 5+

Music classes is a program especially designed for children 5+.
It combines singing, learning rhythms through games,
basics of playing the piano.
Maximum group size is 10.

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‘Sound -How it works’ is designed for school children. Students have an opportunity to learn about acoustics, experiment building models to see what are the other aspects of the phenomenon which is music.
The course consists of 10 meetings, maximum group size is 10.

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