About FunMuzik


Funmuzik was established in 2012 in London and the idea came after years of experience in the industry and on the music education market.

At the moment Funmuzik cooperate with like-minded organisations supporting music education in London area.
Our recent activity in Southbank Centre and cooperation with Tomorrows Warriors led to the projects such as Jazz Workshops at Lister School, and performance with Big Phat Brass Band from Bromley Music Service.

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Not only ‘does music make the ways of living, according to the latest research it can be used as a tool for developing general skills such as leadership, multitasking, working in a team.
Funmuzik offer a flexible approach to music education. Teaching students of all ages and abilities we encourage creativity and interaction on every class.
Our programs are tailored to the requirements of the individuals. Group workshop are to encourage interaction, creative approach to solving tasks on each lesson. It also shows a cross cultural bridge between European tradition and the music from around the world.

Aleksandra Topczewska

Aleksandra Topczewska is a South London based saxophonist. Her passion for sharing knowledge led her to teaching and encouraging others to take up musical activity in their life as she believes that the activity has got many advantages which can be used in various aspects of life.
Classically trained on Piano in her motherland Poland, she picks up Saxophone being fascinated with the sounds of John Coltrane and Ben Webster. Soon after she joins local groups and performs with them all around Poland, Germany and later in the UK.
Passion for teaching she develops during her University years and later on.

“I’ve received a very positive feedback from my students saying that playing the music had a therapeutical meaning for them. This experience made me realise that actually not only gaining the craftshmanship is important, music education is a tool for building and maintaining other skills such as task solving, stress management methods, team working and general performance improvement”.